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Sassy Magazine, Sept. 91

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6 reasons why you don’t want to be popular
dress like an artsy chick
why there are hardly any farmers



my idol fantasy

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I don’t even want to make it to the finals, just audition. I know I could still pass for under 30. That wouldn’t be a problem. I’d just have to get a fake ID that rolled my age back a few years.
I would audition Hobart Paving by Saint Etienne. Simon would give the slightest of knowing grins and say “alright let’s hear it”. Paula and Randy would be thinking to themselves what the what by who? I then sing as best I could. “Just like a harpsichord as she moves.” I finish the first verse and chorus.
Randy: “yo yo dog, do you have something more up tempo you could sing?”
Paula: “I love harpsichords. You’re beautiful”
Simon: “I am actually familiar with that song. It was terrible. It was cabaret.”


the penny lost its shine

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