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Madame Figaro, Septembre 1988, Edition Internationale

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votre linge est traité comme un bijou

Madame Figaro

Sorry about the poor quality. I promise to connect my ancient SCSI flatbed scanner “real soon now”.



flavor combination I’m diggin’ right now

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Pasta with Victoria Fradiavolo sauce and MUENSTER cheese. Yes, muenster. I know Italian food purists are gathering their pitchforks…I don’t give one jot.


the lie that tells the lie

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The only girl to be interested in me in High School went on to marry a member of the British Peerage. Yes, it is sad that I know that.


Distillations No. 1

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An Inchoative Fragrance

But seriously, one of the things I plan to avoid in this, my second attempt at a blog, are long, agonizingly detailed narratives which were very seldom appreciated by the couple of regular readers that my first blog had. After putting so much work into them, that hardly anybody read them and were as amused by them as I thought they should be was beginning to grip me with an unpleasant resentfulness of people whose absolutely vapid blogs had 100s of readers. The easy solution to this: stop blogging. Or stop that kind of blogging. So I said to myself: in the future just boil your narratives and their dense, Proustian details down into a single statement summing up what they mean. I recognized that this was, in fact, more difficult, therefore more of an intellectual challenge, therefore acceptable. Here we go:
Exercise caution when attempting to epater la bourgeoisie – one might find one’s self epatéd.


most haunting book title imaginable

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The Future Lasts Forever

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