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great moments in Greenaway

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“your questions, Mr. Neville, are far too imprudent and provocative in this company!”




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Aahhhh Tridelt Girl.

She was a mysterious one.  Obviously she was a tri-delt.  This makes her an outlier, that’s obvious too: she was a not a nerd, a misfit, a willful bluestocking, or any such thing.  Since I wasn’t a much of a hunk, that was the type of girl I generally attracted.   She just seems a rather conventional sorority sister.    Her flirting was comparatively subtle, I must admit, but it was definitely there.    A few “hi”s on the 2nd story of the chemistry building before labs, a coy glance or two.   Perhaps she found me appealing because I seemed like a bookish man who would make a good breadwinner and stay on a short leash.  She could have been planning ahead, after all.    Resourceful girl.  Maybe she had an issue with rejection and thought I’d be a safe catch, because of her higher position on the social totem pole at the rather bland but moderately prestigious small university I attended.   It’s highly unlikely she was like Tina, the university’s only sorority sister fag hag, who hung out with a willowly, sardonic gay boy.  If she was, she should have made a more fabulous effort to introduce herself to me.

I mainly shared classes with her in my freshman and sophomore year, and hadn’t seen her for over a year when I spotted her in a coffee house in the winter of senior year.  She was drinking with a big, doltish looking fellow who I assumed to be her boyfriend.   We exchanged a quick glance  and I never saw her again.

Tridelt:  married with children

sorority sister fag hag:  lawyer in NYC (surprise, surprise, lots of teh gays there)

willowly, sardonic gay boy:  lived in europe for many years after graduation

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